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Dr. Kishma George

"The Purpose Pusher"

Kishma A. George (K.A.G.) Enterprises commits to inspiring and equipping you to strategically position yourself to make your dreams a reality. Your dreams are the very essence of who you are. It’s time to give birth and/or take them to the next level. Dr. Kishma A. George, the Purpose Pusher, is ready to take this journey with you. You have extraordinary dreams and TODAY is the day to go after them. (K.A.G.) Enterprises challenges you to answer your calling and create the growth you want and truly deserve. Let the greatness inside of you be exemplified in every area of your life. Use your gifts to make an impact in your career, community and even the world. Be who you were created to be. The sky is the limit! Remember, When you have a DREAM, you MUST take LEAPS of FAITH as you continue to PURSUE your DREAMS!

Dreamer: one that dreams; a visionary; an idealist.

Dreams are often deferred because of procrastination, naysayers and criticism, self-doubt, previously failed attempts, and the ever so fierce – fear. Now is the time to conquer all doubts and push your way into your purpose. Your passion is calling. You must become who you are destined to be, NOW!

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